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Why Paladin is

INCOMPARABLE to other Minecraft anti-cheats


Deploying well-thought-out industry-leading systems to ensure ambitious project advancement & cleanliness.

Efficiency V

Tired of inferior alternatives delaying your productivity? Paladin provides the fastest solution available.

Real Detections

Exclusively featuring eighteen intertwined world-class detection suites, contributing to all-in-inclusive reliable results for you.


With our team collectively retaining nearly two decades of cheat & anti-cheat experience, we offer exemplary solutions for all.

Data Security

Utilizing the highest caliber of modern age security standards, our team has established the most stable & secure system available.


Paladin is the safest & most trusted name throughout the anti-cheat community, with the cleanest record of all.

On-machine analysis

Paladin scans & processes machine data locally as opposed to maliciously uploading player access tokens to off-site servers.

Always online

Worried about DDoS attacks or domain expiries? We, OVH & Cloudflare guarantee a top-ranking yearly uptime over 99.99%

24/7 Support

For people with any inquiries regarding Paladin, please contact our speedy support team for round-the-clock assistance.


Across-the-board support for Windows 7-11 64-bit & Minecraft 1.7.2-1.18, including dozens of beloved custom game launchers.

Ease of use

Presenting a silky smooth & immaculate user interface, our leading-edge solutions render straight-forward reliable results.


For nearly four years, our ingenius team has repeatedly innovated the anti-cheat industry, paving a wide road for solutions alike.


Our simple to use API gives you the ability to automate the features you want. API features dependant on bought package.

Bedrock Support

Desired by an enormous community, our technology is utilized to detect mainstream cheats bypassing networks.

AutoScan Plugin

Automatically scan players with a single in-game command, click your results & determine the player's outcome.

Affordable Deals

Flexible pricing for individuals and enterprises


For personal use

  • Check Superior Infrastructure
  • Check 1,600+ Detected Cheats
  • Check Mainstream Detections
  • Check Pristine User Interface
  • Check Unlimited Player Scans
  • Check Continuous Updates
  • Check 24/7 Support Access


For up to 50 users

  • Check Superior Infrastructure
  • Check 1,600+ Detected Cheats
  • Check Mainstream Detections
  • Check Pristine User Interface
  • Check Unlimited Player Scans
  • Check Continuous Updates
  • Check 24/7 Priority Support
  • Check Complete API Access

Frequently asked questions

Which payment methods does Paladin accept?

For all packages, our company currently accepts PayPal, Stripe (credit/debit cards), iDEAL, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dai & Bitcoin Cash.

I own a large network, may I pursue a partnership?

Absolutely! Contact our round-the-clock team @ https://pld.ac/support with your network information & desired group size.

What can Paladin provide to someone like myself?

Equipping you with the best anti-cheat solutions allows you and/or your team to save great amounts of time & energy, ultimately maximizing our customers productivity for the better.

How do I use Paladin?

Generate & copy a download link, then send the link to the frozen player. Upon completion, determine the outcome via provided results.

What type of data is logged by Paladin?

Please read our privacy policy @ https://pld.ac/privacy for detailed information, contact our support team @ https://pld.ac/support if you have any questions.

May I share my account or scans?

Unfortunately, sharing your account details or scan results with third-parties is strictly against our Terms of Service, and will result in a permanent suspension from our service.

What are the long-term goals of Paladin?

To significantly reduce the percentage of cheaters across Minecraft more than ever before, taking advantage of the latest & greatest technology available.

How long does it take to receive my package?

PayPal payments may take up to 24 hours to process, whilst Stripe may take up to 5 minutes. Cryptocurrencies take 3-30 minutes to process, and iDEAL bank payments process within a few minutes to a few days.